Best 4 Natural Ways to Oil Cleanse Your Face

by Leafinty Blog on Sep 15, 2021

Whether you have sensitive skin or acne-prone or dry skin, oil-cleansing is a perfect solution to hydrate, balance, and moisturize your skin. You might be reluctant to apply oil-based cleansing products on your skin because this may result in acne breakouts. But it's no longer a case. The oil-based cleansers use natural organic plant-based oils that gently nourish, hydrate, and balance your skin environment. Here are the 4 best natural ways to oil cleanse your face and enjoy a pampered, glowing and healthy skin.

Cleansing Acne-Prone/Oily Skin

Jojoba oil is one of the best natural organic plant-based oils for cleansing acne-prone skin. It removes impurities and dead skin cells and balances oil production. It doesn't irritate your skin and prevents dryness, pimples, and scarring. Mix a few drops of jojoba oil and castor oil and gently massage this solution on your dry face for a minute or two. Then use a soft damp washcloth to remove the oil gently.

Cleansing for Dry Skin

Oil cleansing your face with a jojoba oil cleanser can do wonders for dry skin. This natural skincare ingredient penetrates deeply into your skin to moisturize, hydrate, and brighten your skin. You feel the difference in your skin texture and suppleness right after use.

Cleansing for Sensitive Skin

An oil-based cleanser is perfect to use on sensitive skin. Unlike the water-based soapy cleanser, the oil cleanser doesn't strip off moisture or over-dry your skin. Plus, it helps to soothe and calm irritated and inflamed skin due to its natural skincare ingredients.

Cleansing for Normal Skin

Using a jojoba oil-based cleanser is ideal for normal skin because it's not too heavy. This cleanser gently removes impurities, dead skin cells, makeup, and pollutants while cleaning pores and removing excess sebum.

You can confidently use oil-based cleansers in your daily skincare routine as they help to promote healthy, radiant, and glowing skin. So, try this best natural skincare routine and see the results.